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Hi all,

are hepatitis B & C checked for in the medical test for non-medical professionals?

Basically,I have been getting conflicting information on this. Some say that Hep B & C are tested for everyone applying for residence permit. Others say that only medical professionals, primary school teachers and food handlers are tested for Hep B & C.

Please discuss!


would appreciate any info on this. Anyone?
Medical Check is for everyone mate ----------------------------------------------------------------Give me some SunShine......Give me some Rain Give me another Chance...I wanna grow up once Again
I know medical test is done for everyone. What I am trying to seek reassurance on is whether or not Hepatitis is stressed upon for non-medical professionals and non food handlers? HIV and TB are done for everyone. What about hepatitis?
This is an important concern. I would appreciate if someone could give me an update on this.
The test is done for everyone, but is restricted to the above categories u mentioned.
Regardless what your job is...everybody gets tested for hepatitis B/C cheers Never say never
See conflicting info again! what happens if the blood report is positive?
As I told u hepatitis B/C are checked for everyone applying for residence permit.If the result is positive u go back where u came from. And I know all of the above because my husband is a consultant pathologist. cheers --------------------------------------------------------- "Never say never"
Micu_ale--> are you sure everyone tested positive of hepa B & C get deportation regardless of their job titles and the nature of their jobs? Does your husband works at the Medical Commission here?
My step father is PHD Pathologist ,US Citizen, and I was wondering what types of jobs and where if he wants to apply in Qatar Thanks Cheyenne
Initiator Do not believe what some persons who think they know, but they do not. Hep C test is only for medical stuff, food handlers and maybe teachers. I have it and got my permit without any problems, many Egyptians have it and there are a lot of Egyptians in Qatar, some statistics say up to 50% of Egyptians are Hep C positive. So do not worry.
Yes,Apple,I am sure of what I am saying.Unless someone has wasta and canget away with it.hehehe.My husband worked at HMC.But we left Qatar last year. cheers --------------------------------------------------------- Never say never
"The Qatar government medical tests include blood screening for HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and a chest X-ray to screen for TB. Positive results will prevent you from remaining in Qatar. The process may take two to three hours. Men and women should wear a white shirt for the X-ray; otherwise, they will be asked to change into a hospital gown". This is a paragraph from the Weill Cornell Medical College Qatar.... So,the one,yes there may be a lot of non-qatari with Hepatitis B/C in Qatar but there is only one possibility why they are there.They acquired it while in Qatar.But for the new comers is a NO NO.... cheers --------------------------------------------------------- Never say never
Micu you are absolutely wrong, you only get refused a residency if you are Hep C positive and you are going to work as a medical stuff, a food handler or a school teacher, stop misleading people. You only get denied residency in Qatar and deported if you are going to work in any other field that the ones stated before if you have HIV or TB. I already stated that I have Hep C and I did not get it here I also know people who have it and did not get it here. In the UAE however, it is a different thing.
Thank you for your support. I start losing hope when I hear contradictory stuff. Let's see what happens when I arrive in Doha. As for the wasta, how does it work?
The One- is absolutely right! Sorry Micu_Ale- but your information is misleading newcomers :)
The One - I agree with you my husband is Hepa B carrier he is here working co'z he passed the medical.... for sure there is a lot of the same cases as you mentioned earlier. Micu - please have some research and have an accurate information to share.
guys please help me..give me some advise please.... because i have a friend who has a nodular density on the result on his x-ray...but he is not infected anymore on tb..he has done a sputum test and it is negative.. im planning to bring him here through visit visa...but my problems is, is the result of his x-ray in his country will not make problem on him in case he will find a job and undergo medical for his RP? please advise me
Hi Ms. Apple!.. i have already read the different comments regarding for the Hepatitis B.. my friend have also a Hepatitis B and he wants to go in Qatar.. I just want to ask if possible to get an RP or to pass in Medical exam if the company is uphostery or in the furniture... maybe his visa is Upholtery or Tailor... another one, if you can explain also for his latest result for his Hepatitis B.. 1. Anti-Hbs ratio .031 cutt off .184- Non reactive 2. Anti-Hbe ratio .039 cutt off .90- Reactive 3. HBeAg 1.0 ratio .289- Non Reactive result: cutt off 1.00 ratio 47.30. Thank you so much for your immediate response... please advice me.. thank you again.. Godbless you always..
Thank you Ms,. apple i know you have a good heart thats why you want to help evethough you don't know that person... I just want to know only what is that mean the Medical result of my friend because the doctor did not really explain well.. and He ask me, but i can't explain clearly because im not familiar in the medical term.. Thanks again..bless you more and more!
This is certainly a misleading issue, i have been trying to get the same answers for a while now too with still contradicting replies. In UAE a few years ago you were just tested for HIV and TB. and those working in food/medicine were also tested for Hep B. In 2008 they started testing everyone for Hep B however from my understanding this was only for those new to the UAE, those already in the country were not tested. (Thats why there are probebly a high proportion of certain nationalities wih it in UAE but still here) It would be interesting to know if Qatar is like UAE or they just test for medical/food workers as used to be the case in Dubai?
Everyone is tested of hepaB but the rules and policy is tight on a certain job categories.
apple what is meant by tight? does that mean if you have hep b and are not in certain industries you are ok to stay but maybe need regular checks etc..?
Medical test is for every one. For resident permit and Family Visit Visa. Aids, Hepatitis A,B,C,D,E And a high resolution xray for latent tb as well.
I think that both: hepatitis B and C are checked. My doctor told me that. However I can't be sure because it is really hard to find a real professional doctor lately. There are so many unprofessional ones working in our hospitals. Some of them don't even have their cna certification exam passed. It is a terrible situation. You must go to few ones and see who is better. Thanks for the question though, some answers were useful for me too.
Apple, please can you tell me if anyone at medical commission can give confirmation that hep b carriers can get RP if not working in any of those categories. Thank you so much for your help. Also, I sent you pm.please check it out Thanks, God bless
Hi Eve, got ur message and replied.
Hi Apple, Can you please give me a clear and concise thoughts regarding my case.As you are the only person I guess with valid resources. I am hepa B positive carrier and is less than 10 percent of infecting others .(my HVBDNA viral counts are undetectable values.) Does the medical commission will allow professionals/Engineer like me to work In Qatar and issue RP as well? I am in the Oil and Gas Industry. I will appreciate your concern on this regard. Thanks and God Bless. pls. email me @
Dear Apple Please inform me that i m civil engineer, i have hepatitis B (Carrier), can i get work visa in Qatar. i m really thankful to u God Bless u waiting for ur reply my email is thanks
Dear Apple Please inform me that i m civil engineer, i have hepatitis B (Carrier), can i get work visa in Qatar. i m really thankful to u God Bless u waiting for ur reply my email is thanks
Dear please , is there any person can give us a clear information about the blood test ans X-ray. what are the health problems that can be the cause stopping the RP process BR
Hi Ms. Apple! I joined this forum honestly speaking because of how u answer the questions of anyone who needs a clear picture of their question. I've read the 2007 thread in forum, which gives me interest to join as I have also the same case and confused because of different answers and opinion.May I ask your email for further inquiries about the subject? Thanks in advance. Isab
hi ms. apple!! im an electrical eng'r here in the philippines and im a hepa b positive hepa b but non-infectious i have a chance to get a qatar working visa? do gamca here consider me fit to work?
Good morning, I am really concerned, because I have been called for a blood retest, as far as I know the first results HCV positive , then a week later they taked me two samples more ( in the same act ) . I prepared the bagagge for go back home , still waiting for results . Any advise or information will be apreciated. Thanks
hi 55646, glad to hear if what happens on your latest blood test? thanks
Good morning, after wait for 10 days , they called me and told me go back again in 30 days for a new test , I am really concerned and is a demanding situation . ¿ it is happen frequently ? Any advise welcome , thanks for replay
Hi, I am HBsAg positive and HBeAg negative and healthy person ,My visa for research assistant/student is expected in next two months from KSA, I have not yet taken medical examination. Should I clear the test under the circumstances? Should I appear in the medical test with a hope or should not appear lest I will be blacklisted for the rest of my life for all GCC countries as I hope that may be in some time future, GCC countries will have leniency towards HBsAg positive... Can you please suggest any reference of medical criteria for professional category (engineers doctors labors etc) to clear HBsAg test? Your reply is highly awaited, sir. I have seen that this forum has resolved and clarified many issues... plz help me too...
ms. apple can i have your email becasue i want to ask something regarding hepa b. Thanks a lot
Hi All Hep B used to be tested for in UAE also but law changed a few years back to only test for Hep B if you work with children, hospitals, food etc.. I heard a few years back that in Qatar they tested for it but if positive they would consult your company/sponser to inform them and let them decide? Is this still the case or like UAE do they not even test for it if you do not work in ceratin "high risk" professions? Thanks
can u plz pm me ur email add so i can get in touch of u asap i need ur advice 4 upset & disappointed on my situation tnx...
pm me on my inbox.....
ms. apple i just want to ask. If na medical na po ba for family visit extension then na transfer for work visa kelangan pa po ba i medical ulit since 2 mos palang naman nakakaraan since na medical sya for extension. please reply. thanks a lot
Can anyone please update on this issue especially those who were hoping to get their medical clear what was your experience is HEP B carrier given RP or not
Can anyone please update on this issue especially those who were hoping to get their medical clear what was your experience is HEP B carrier given RP or not
or any info related to Medical exam for finance job professional is Hep B carrier allowed to get RP or not, please share as this will be a great help
hi apple i just need advised if you could help me just in case i have a prob in my med exam specially my xray :)
Hi, I got rejected by the medical commission during my RP medical test process and hence went back to my country. On checking at my country, I understood about the issue of latent TB bacterium in my body. Now, I returned back to Qatar on a business visa. Now, Is there a way out from this so that I come back after sometime thro a work visa and get cleared my medical test for RP. Please suggest.
@kalaikalam01: post it as another issue dear, maybe there are many in QLers who can give some info for you regarding your case. :) good luck..
hy, i am Civil Engineer,i hav Hypatytus B positiv, i have a job Offer in qatar,that is office job.Can i pass Madical.what whould i Do,i am so needy For this job,Can some body suggest me,Plz..
hy, i am Civil Engineer,i hav Hypatytus B positiv, i have a job Offer in qatar,that is office job.Can i pass Madical.what whould i Do,i am so needy For this job,Can some body suggest me,Plz..
hy, i am Civil Engineer,i hav Hypatytus B positiv, i have a job Offer in qatar,that is office job.Can i pass Madical.what whould i Do,i am so needy For this job,Can some body suggest me,Plz..
hai i am pharmacist i have hep b positive i have job offer in qatar , please suggest me present qatar medical commission rule and i am medically fit are not ,but i am healthy person ,i am very much confusion regarding hep b positive able to do work there are not ,thanx in advance, please suggest me .i am waiting for u r comment
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