my position is an accountant my visa say its a clerk will i get visa to travel to other GCC Countries?

my position is an accountant my visa say its a clerk will i get a visa to travel to other GCC Countries?if not or what is the procedure to change my visa permit?


No... You are not allowed to enter GCC with this RP status.

NO U CAN'T , for more info visit the other country's website for visa issuing

No u cant get visa for other countries say for e.g u wanna travel to dubai on arrival with ur present designation on ur RP u want get visa... The easiest method where ur working presently tell ur compnay HR Dept to change ur status in RP it takes 2 days to make it. Then u will have multiple entries and on arrival visa in GCC countries....


as a tourist .. yes.. but for business visa..your host company shall provide a visa.

You will not get visa on arrival at the time of arrival in any airport in GCC countries. However, you can go to the respective country (where you would like to go)embassy in Qatar and apply for Visit Visa. You will get the Visit visa stamped on your passport for one visit with nominal amount of QR 100 to QR 150, as you have a GCC residence visa.

Basically the requirement is for you to have a designate 'professional' status such as :

Engineer, Doctor, Lawyer etc...

or Business related status such as:

Sales man, sales representative

or managerial position such as:

general manager, executive manager, sales manager etc...

am afraid, clerk, accountant, carpenter etc.. do not fall under the professional status and therefore don't get a visa on arrival.

to change the residency designation you must submit university degrees attested from the correct authorities in the country of issue.

Hope this is of help. Alternatively, you can fly Emirates and they will issue you Visa to enter UAE.

Good luck.

Accountants fall under qualified professional. i dont know why people are so confused about that because you have to be a skilled qualified graduate to be an accountant so it does fall under that category

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