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Hi there! Just wondering if Philippine embassy is open today? I keep calling but nobody's answering my call. Any idea? Thanks!


they are open...its always like that Kabayan....

thank you po. puntahan ko nlang bukas.

7 am to 4 pm.

better to be there early .

Thank you and Best wishes

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may idea po ba kau kung magkano ang bayad para sa NBI clearance and ano dapat kong dalhin? salamat po..

one hundred riyals lang po, after that you have to send the completed form to your relative in the philippines by registered mail or dhl. let him/her process this in your behalf...of course you need authorization on that...once nbi clearance is granted, your relative can send it back to you by same means and you can go back again to philippine embassy and pay another 100 riyals for the authentication/red ribbon.

note: see to it you have to bring a hand washing soap to clean your hands after the finger printing, alang sabon sa embassy noong ako'y pumunta doon

requirements are passport and photos only plus you have to fill up that nbi clearance application form...remember don't forget to ask your receipt

English only in the main forum .


If you are going to renew an expired NBI no need to go to the Phli Embassy and pay QR100 just for a finger print form .

Read the link below to guide you on how to do it right.

Thanks a lot! This is for clarification and tell me if i am correct:

I have one original copy of my expired NBI clearance (Nov.12, 08). So as you said, I don't need to go to Phil. Embassy but instead I will send my clearance to Phils. along with my authorization letter and ID's. (My sister will process it) If my NBI clearance will be released by then, of course my sister will send it back to me here in Doha. Right after that - what's next???? Do I have to give it direct to my new company or do I need to do something with it? I am getting pissed off with this one E**** as they will not answer my call.

Please, need your help. I have read a lot of instructions and it only leads me to confusion. Please send me your mobile numbers on private message, I'd rather call you.

Thanks a lot!


why is it so complicated just to get one????

i am sure the NBI - gensan will send it to DFA for authentication? right? i am not from manila.

1. renewal at NBI(Phils)

a. expired NBI( YOU CAN send your latest ID picture too but it doesn't matter, NBI can use your expired NBI pic.

b. authorization letter from you

c. her valid ID

d. payment-115 pesos(only take hours to process it)

2.Authentication/Red Ribbon at the DFA ,Manila or DFA office in your place.

a. orig. NBI

B. authorization letter from you

c. her valid ID

d. payment 100 pesos?


And send to Qatar.....

3. Phil Embassy, Qatar-authentication .It will take an hour or two just for that signature and stamp.QR 100 cash payment.

4. MOFA( Ministry of Foreign Affair), at Old Salata, Near OPD Annex and Al Bustan Hotel, behind Al Seif Hotel. they have separate doors for male and female. in just 5 minutes transaction is done. ATM card -QR 20/doc

then they will do it(authentication)there.It is not complicated.It's easy,once you get used to it.


they are open from 8-4 PM maybe they are still preparing.

@ Tatess, thanks for the help. We just sent the pertinent docs via post. Once my sister sorted out my NBI, she will go to DHL gensan for assistance of that authentication. DHL is autorized courier service for authentication at DFA manila. It will take time accordingly like 1 week. It's fine! Once it's sorted, my sister will send it back here - and then the rest will follow.

@alfred - thanks!

yeah right! they are preparing for what??? It takes me an hours (take note with S) just to keep calling them and still no answers! Tsk!!! Pati ba naman d2???

you'll get your renewed NBI in no time.

My sister is also the one doing my paperworks back home and really thankful we have family who help us out.

Yes, that's true. Thank you! :)

Hi! How long does it take to process the authentication of docs in Qatar Embassy? thanks!

3 days to 1 week.

Hi there,

I already have the NBI Clearance/Transcript of Records/Diploma with Red Ribbon and duly authenticated by the Qatar Embassy in the Philippines. Do I still need to go to Phil. Consulate here in Qatar to have the stamp?


hi! i've been trying to join any filipino group here in qatar living, but i always failed.. i just need to ask some questions regarding documents and procedures needed for a filipino with a qatar working visa who is passing through bangkok before flying to doha.are they still required to have the visa stamped at the passport... please help me.

went to Embassy this morning.. they are tnot open today..they will resume tomorrow

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