POLO in Qatar
By medohaqatar • 5 years 7 months ago.

Does anyone have an email address for POLO (Philippines Overseas Labour Office) in Qatar. The number I have just rings and rings, and the emails POLO_QATAR@DOLE.GOV.PH and polodoha@qatar.net that I found on
www.pinoyoverseas.net/polo/poloqatar.htm just bounce.

Need to ask some questions and want the exact answers for reference, so would prefer to ensure

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By bubblymom• 5 years 7 months ago.
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try calling POLO office 4486 1220.

By rielentera• 5 years 7 months ago.

why not go directly at the office?! its at bin omran, in front or beside of CHN - or that castle-looking bldg. fyi...

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