Procedure for Family Visa

Hi All,
I though it would be nice if i post my experiences for getting Family Visa for my wife.(Since most of the post in QL are not giving full information)

This is based on my experience. I am an Indian and the processes might change for other nationalities.

1) First of all to sponser your wife/children you should meet some requirements
a) Your salary should be more than QR 5000 per month
b) You are having permanent residency of qatar

2) Before you start the procedure make sure the following document are ready before hand
a) Your degree certificate stamped from Ministry of External Affairs (New Delhi),to get this stamp you must have stamp from your college/university first on your degree certificate.You can take help of agent for doing this process(Go to this site for more reference this take stamp from embassy of india doha ( and ministry of foreign affairs qatar (behind al seef hotel,behind sukh sagar hotel near corniche on museum road)
b) Marriage certificate stamped by Notary(If applicable,For Maharashta its required),Ministry of Foreign Affairs(If applicable,For Maharashtra its required,It is mantralaya office in Mumbai) and last Ministry of External Affairs(Please check with some agent you require which stamps before Ministry of External Affairs stamp). In my case only stamp from Mantralaya was not sufficient.After this take stamp from embassy of india doha ( and ministry of foreign affairs qatar (behind al seef hotel,behind sukh sagar hotel near corniche on museum road)

3) Six months of bank statement ( 3 months if you are govt employee of qatar) duly stamped by bank

4) Your Salary Certificate from your sponsor.
5) No objection certificate from your sponsor for family visa

Now there are two ways to proceed
a) One, if your family is already in qatar on 6 months extendible family visa
b) Second your family is in India

The faster way is option a. For this you have to pay QR 200 once and again QR 200 for each month extension.
You require one time medical test of your family for extending this visa.
Once your family is there on this visa you can convert this visa into permanent by paying QR 500 after the approval from Ministry of Labour.

For option b) , you take out permanent visa (valid for 3 months from the date of entry) and send to your family in India.This is single entry visa QR 500.

Procedure for the family pemananet visa is following

a) Go to Department of Labour ( Location is near to Ramada Hotel, next to American Hospital on C-ring road.Coming from toyota signal on C-ring it will come to your right) for approval of family visa.
b) Submit the following document
Family visa form filled in arabic,Copy of your civil id , Your passport copy and page showing your RP,Your wife's passport copy front and back pages,your child's passport copy if applicable),salary certificate from sponsor original,6 months bank statement,computer certificate from sponsor,copy of your degree copies front and back side,copy of marriage certificate front and back side.Two photos of your family ,blue background passport size.Wait for 4 working days for approval.
(The required documents are written on the family visa form itself)
c) After the approval from captain , go to immigration department ( Location near abu hamour roundabout, there is another in madinat khalifa) and convert your 6 months visa into permanent.They will issue new visa number.or you already have permanent visa go for medical test for your family ( Location : Near waqood petrol station in abu hamour).
d) Medical test takes about 2-4 days.You will get the sms on mobile phone which you gave to medical officer)
or you can check by phone :4679111.Keep 100 riyal note ready for the medical test fees.
e) After the medical your family need to appear for finger printing.You will need the application form filled duly in arabic and two photographs of family with blue background passport size.(Location is same immigration bldg near abu hamour roundabout)
f) After 2 days you can go to immigration department with passport of wife , your civil id, the officer will print the permanent visa on passport and will print the civil id card (bataka) as well. The fees is QR 500.

Note : Request for location pointers if you cant find location.I will send you the google map pointers of the location.

Fees and charges(as far i remember)
a) indian embassy stamp on degree and marriage certificate: QR 75 per document
b) ministry of foreign affairs doha. QR 120 for degree and marriage certificate.
c) Converting 6 months visit visa to permanent - QR 500
d) Medical test QR100 each person
e) Finger printing - No fees
f) Permanent visa on passport - QR 500

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