Qatar immigration

Hello. Can somebody tell me the office hours of Qatar immigration? Please...


Thanks in advance.


Actually Allah knows the time, even if they have time, it is up to them to work or of lucks

...The Oracle...


i agree with intimacy 100%


well you might be lucky to receive their services anytime between 7:30 hours and 13:00 hours.


but as our friend said... best of lucks.....




no offence to anyone but i dont want to end up paying for the air i breathe.





ok thanks to both of you...


Immigration is open as early as 6 o'clock in the morning... the Qatari employees are there already in line waiting for services, you go earlier the better, take your number first...  





"There's nothing we can do to change the past, if it teaches  you a lesson profit from it then, forget it."

thanks mariam-marar


sanjeev, i am willing to pay for a visit just to be with my husband... :)

i mean mariam-mar.. sorry, mispelled your name..

...The Oracle...




correct me if iam wrong


do you really think they start operations at 6 am.





come at the right time, normally they 'll say...kholass bukroo..bukroo




Good one Adikunuha... but thou shalt not take the Big Blue's name in vain

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