Qatar Immigration rules

Got this today from my travel agent in Dubai

Rules on Qatar Immigration

As per Qatar Immigration rules, it is absolutely essential that:

Ø All passengers travelling with following category of visa should have "OK TO BOARD" message updated on their PNR by DOH EK.

Ø Name and details on Qatar visa must match (correct to the last alphabet) with the passenger details on the passport.

OK TO BOARD MESSAGE shall be updated in the PNR by DOH EK for the following visa types:-

Ø Visas/ e-visas issued by the Qatar government for the purposes of employment

Ø Visas/e-visas issued for the purposes of tourism and/or Business.

Ideally, passenger holding these visas should also carry a copy of the same.

Important notes:-

The sponsor needs to arrange to update the PNR with an ‘OK TO BOARD’ message with the local Emirates office in Qatar.

The issuing / ticketing agent must ensure that the PNRs have been annotated with ‘OK TO BOARD’ message prior to ticketing.

Any passenger in possession of the original visa in hand may visit the local Emirates office for updating the PNR with the details.

For any group travel, the ticketing agents need to give an Indemnity for an ok to board, at the local Emirates office.

Agents/Sponsor in Qatar can call DOH EK on 00 974 4384477 and ask for Visa desk to get their PNR updated.

VISA Types Exempted

All passengers holding a valid RP (resident Permit) in their passports are not required to have a clearance from EK Qatar.

Seamen visas are also exempted from obtaining clearance from EK Qatar.

Please ensure that the regulation is strictly followed to avoid any inconvenience to the passengers at the immigration

Thank you

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