Qatar Police Clearance
By naruto427 • 4 years 3 months ago.

My wife stayed here in Qatar for 6 months. Now that we are applying for a PR visa to Canada, we are required to submit a Police Clearance of all the countries we lived in the past. My question is: Can we get a police clearance even though you are on a visit visa? Because I sponsored my wife via visit visa & just extended it (6 mos.) If yes, how? because my wife is already back in our country.

Please give me some info guys. Thank you all in advance.

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By aafi• 4 years 3 months ago.
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You have to fill up an application at the Qatar CEID with a couple of photos, PP copy and copy of all the pages of Qatar Visas. costs 10QR and 10days.

The location is on Salwa Road. The R/A after the industrial area R/A. Sorry mate i dont know how to input the map on this.

By naruto427• 4 years 3 months ago.

Thank you Mr. Aafi, I already did that. I already have my Police Clearance. What I am asking is for my wife. Because she stayed here for 6 months on a visit visa and now she's back in Manila. Will she be able to get a Police clearance even though she stayed here on a visit visa?

By boer• 4 years 3 months ago.
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She was on a visit visa so that does not qualify as living here. There's no need to get a clearance here.

By aafi• 4 years 3 months ago.

Give it a try?

By naruto427• 4 years 3 months ago.

Thank you guys for all your comments & suggestions. We'll give it a try & hopefully everything goes well.

By mcsalta• 3 years 6 months ago.

to naruto427...

were you able to get a police clearance for your wife? we have the same situation. My husband also is here on a visit visa, and we need to obtain a police clearance for US. we went to CEID and since he does not have QID, he was not entertained...i would appreciate your reply on what you did....thank you

By Nismo• 3 years 3 months ago.

Hello Guys! need help here. I am now in my home country and I would need a police clearance for Canada immigration. Has anyone tried to get a clearance even if he/she is not in Qatar.

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