Residence Permit for new born Child in Qatar

My baby born on June 12, 2011 in Women Hospital of HMC. I am under working visa and RP of my wife has been sponsored by me as house-wife.
Anyone can tell me what is the procedure and time limit for RP of my son?
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RP limits is up to 3months ,

and you need to get him a birth certificates from the Ministry of health , then you go to the immigration to start the process of the RP.

congrats ,

3 mths allowance to process your son RP, 1st get birth certificate from ministry of health, then take a passport for your baby from your embassy, then go to Ministry of Immigration to process the RP.

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Requirements for e-passport:

- Photocopy of father passport (5 copies) - the page with photo not the RP page.

- Photocopy of mother passport (5 copies) - the page with photo not the RP page.

- Original birth certificate (white color)

- Photocopy of original birth certificate (4 copies)

- Original true copy of birth certificate (yellow color)

- Photocopy of original true copy of birth certificate (4 copies)

- Original marriage certificate (with red ribbon)

- Photocopy of marriage certificate (5 copies)

- Passport application form

- Report of birth form

* QR 340 fee (240 for passport and 100 for birth registration)

* You will receive the e-passports 1.5 months due to problems in the machine passport.

Steps in applying for e-passport:

- Fill out the 2 forms – write clearly in capital letters.

- Make 4 sets of copies in arranged order as follows:

- Birth certificate copy (white)

- Birth certificate copy (yellow)

- Father passport copy

- Mother passport copy

- Marriage certificate

* Come early to the embassy around 7:30am (open @ 8am) and go to ‘Birth, marriage & death’ section and list your name. (Do not go to window where people are renewing their passport)

* You have to get a RP of your baby within 3 months or you have to pay a fine of QR10/day.

nelscruz, bull shit! why 5 copies four copies for their dust bin?? dont give wrong information if you don't know.

please go to you embassy and get new paasport for your new born not forget to take passport copy both of you.also birth certificate.


I'm not giving wrong information. I already applied for my 2 babies (2009 and 2011).

Thanks everybody.. hope within time limit i can do it.

Best wishes...

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