Residency Permits in more than one GCC country

The Qatar Foundation publishes an Immigration and Related Services Guide for its employees

Now page 5 of this guide states:

"Those coming on Permanent Visa and have valid Residency Permit of any other GCC country are advised to cancel the same prior to their arrival as this will delay their Residency Permit process and they will need to pay additional cost. (Employee: QR.1500) (Family member: QR.500)."

The guide refers to delays in processing on another page in the guide as well. Now I'm wondering if this implies that IT IS possible except with an additional cost OR are these rules special for QF employees?

Another page in the guide discusses processing times with the following comment (Read the last bullet):

It might take more time for below listed cases.

  • Any one who arrive on Official Visit Visa and need the same to be replaced with a Permanent Visa.
    (This is necessary when there is not sufficient time to acquire a Permanent Visa).
  • Employee age 60 & beyond and under 35.
  • Any one who are holding GCC Residency Permit and like to maintain both.

Now this definitely implies that its possible... Comments anyone?

Oh BTW, I'm sorry if this guide is private property, its available on the web and I came accross it on Google (so blame them please!).

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