RP on hepatitis b

i have an offer to work in qatar but i am afraid if i may get deported since i have hepa b. but my work is in sales and marketing. can this be a big hindrance in acquring a work permit, and worst be deported? is it a cese to case basis or are there people tested with hepa b and was deported but their work is in sales and marketing also? iv read also that a person was deported though he was engineer in petroleum industry and was tested for hepa b. what's my chances for getting a permanent visa? do i accept the offer? of cors i did not tell my employer about this. iv had one experience b4, and an offer in bahrain, i told my employer i have hepa b but he sugested me not to go there anymore. but i have read many responses from other forums here and they said that only those in medical and food sector will be tested for hepa b. what are really the standards or categories that are being tested with hep b?

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