RP / Visit Visa for Wife


I came to Qatar a 5 months ago since i got a job over here (From India)

The company provided Business Visa for me that time and i came and started here in Qatar. Had to leave after 3 months and then came back.

Unfortunately my company was facing issues getting RP's (I was told Indian RP's are currently difficult to get)

In the mean time what i did was purchased a Business Visa for my wife so that she can come and visit me , since i was not getting RP anytime soon .

Now that my wife arrived , after a couple of days my company was able to secure a RP for Me (Yaaayyyyy)

Here is the Dilemma:
Fortunately My RP will be ready in September

I already have the Marriage Certificate attested , also my bank account was created when i arrived so i have statements for past 4 months (Current account CBQ) as it was opened in apprehension of getting the Visa Sooner than what it took already.

I have Rented a place in Qatar Now and will be able to provide the Agreement for Housing etc.

I Wanted to know what procedure will i have to follow to get the RP/Visit visa for my wife who is already here in Qatar on a Business visa

Is it easy to do, i have checked with the hotel from where i arranged her visa , and they said they will provide NOC etc things required.

ANy guidance will be highly appreciated as i need to get her Visa done , so that she doesnt have to leave the country after her business visa runs Out.

Thank you in Advance.

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