should i extent my visit visa when my permanent visa status shows "under processing?
By rossary • 3 years 7 months ago.

I am one among the expatriates who have applied for a permanent resident visa under my husband's sponsorship.

Presently my visa status shows "under processing" .My query is whether i should extent my visiting visa till i get my

permanent ID.I hope you will help me out in this matter.Awaiting in anticipation.

Thanking you,

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By TW• 3 years 7 months ago.
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I'm also in the same cause as yours. My visit visa gonna expire on Oct 4 , it mean tomorrow. My family visa (under husband sponsor) also show status "under processing". It take me 6 months on this process. I hope we can get the right answer soon.

Good luck for you and me!!

By sana rafiq• 3 years 7 months ago.
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sana rafiq

Me also in same situation...

But i have extended ma visit visa.

1 extra day without visa cost is 200 qr n d same is for a month..y take risk 1 single day extra and u have to pay 200 qr for each day....!!

By sukitha• 3 years 7 months ago.

we have the idea please contact me:55055926

By TW• 3 years 7 months ago.

Hi Sana,

Please do me favor to answer my question. How how long it will change the status " under processing" ?

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