Sponsorship Transfer Process


I just learned from MOI website the following process for Sponsorship Transfer.

Transferring Sponsorship
This service is for residents who wish to transfer their visa sponsorship to a new sponsor institution covered by Ministerial Resolution 11 for 1997.

Required Documents
Application addressed to the Department of Labour along with the registration from the company.
Copy of academic qualifications.
Copy of a valid passport.
Non-objection letter from the current sponsor.
Certificate of good conduct issued by the Ministry of Interior.

I just need to determine an approximate timeline for the whole process.
I know the first 2 challenges you face is to get your educational certificate attestation and PCC from home country+Qatar Embassy/ attested by MOFA in Qatar.

then you need PCC from CEID.
also Medical for Sponsorship change.

once you are done with these requirements, your new company will apply for Ministry of Labour Approval (as above mentioned process)

Could anyone here share your experience and relevant information regarding what's the next process after CEID clearance, how much time it would take to transfer sponsorship from immigration. does your passport work visa and ID need to be revised as well .. and what about profession etc.

appreciate any insights and experiences,


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