Swiss embassy

Hi there.

Can anyone tell me if there is a Swiss embassy in Doha ?

If so , where is it ?



and Kuwait, You have to send your passport by courier

Hi Aunt Polly, here are the details:


1. Complete your documents, check the website


2. You will have to send your original passports thru DHL or Fedex (they know what to do) at:

Embassy of Switzerland in Kuwait

(also accredited in Qatar and Bahrain)

Qortuba, Block 2, Street 1, House No 122

P.O. Box 23954 Safat

13100 Kuwait

Tel. +965 534 01 72/73/74/75

Fax +965 534 01 76

Public opening hours

Sunday-Thursday 9:00-11:00

Visa section: Sunday-Thursday 9:00-11:00


(Kuwait have the same time as we have here in Qatar, so you can call and ask them for more of your questions ONLY on the times stated)


3. You pay a courier charge to Kuwait. Wait in 3-5 working days, it will arrive to you (either approved or denied) and you will again be charged depending if you are approved or not.


4. Enjoy the holidays in Switzerland. Its best to go there during the winters to see the snow-capped mountains and stuff. But summer is ok too.

If you are just interested to visit Switzerland, you might attempt to get a schengen visa from any european embassy in Qatar, say the Italian Embassy. If you get it, you can travel all over Europe including Switzerland. Qatar's Online StoreShop online, same-day delivery to your door in Qatar!

No offense Simpatico, but you are wrong.

Switzerland is not part of the the Schengen Visa circle.

Swiss has been a long time-neutral country, and they even use their own money, Francs and not Euro.


Been there. That's what it is.




Thank you kikomodos and  Eco savvy- thanks for taking the time to reply to this post


Thanks very much Simpatico , you have been extremely helpful .



Aunt Polly


You are right the Shengen visa used to include 7 countries now more  as far as I understand as I used to get this for my ex-husband to trave around Europe. The Shengen visa does also not iclude UK.

so really what i have to do is to send my documents to Kuwait , right ?

I am also planning to visit Italy , France and Holland alongwith - so will a common Schengen visa do for all these countries ?


Aunt Polly

there is also swiss embassy in Bahrain where u can send ur application together with all required docs via courier.




The Shengen Visa allows you to visit these countries.














The Netherlands


Aunt Polly, my family and I did it. Yes, even if you check with DHL or Fedex, they know it, and they know what to do. But you'll have to complete your papers adn plan your trip well, as the processing takes (max) of 5 working days in all.


Yes, you'll need a separate Schengen Visa for those countries you mentioned (except Holland). The 15 Schengen countries are: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Iceland, Italy, Greece, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. All these countries except Norway and Iceland are European Union members.


When you know your 1st Schengen-visa valid country, that will be your visa application. Say, your 1st destination before or after Swiss is Italy, then you have to get your Schengen Visa from the Italian Embassy here. Once you have the visa, you can roam around 15 countries!



You can also send thru Bahrain Embassy. But the costs will almost be the same.

Hi Aunt Polly I am totaly agree with Kikomodos

Kuwait or Bahrain


This is very important to know that you can travel to Switzerland with Schengen visa BUT if you have Diplomatic passport...


Do what Kikomodos told you...

If you are a diplomat or have a diplomatic passport you have both options, Swiss visa or Schengen visa the same...




No man is above the law and no man below it.


My information is that also Switzerland is part of the Shenghen visa, I'll check it to confirm.  Qatar's Online StoreShop online, same-day delivery to your door in Qatar!

My family's next stop (next vacation, inshallah) South Africa!


Heey, sebenya! (From Lion King, haha!)


Well it's not I know as I did this for my husband many time and the rules have not changed.

 I contacted the Italian embassy in this regard and I was given strange information I did not hear of before. According to the receptionist I spoke with there, he told me that if you are Qatari and apply to the Shenghen Visa you can visit Switzerland also. However if you are Indian for example, he said, you need to apply through Bahrain. Aunt Polly, I suggest you contact them, and ask them about your nationality. It might really be that you will have to apply through Kuwait. :(  Qatar's Online StoreShop online, same-day delivery to your door in Qatar!

The reason behind your findings is that Qatar Nationals have Visa On Arrival Arrangements to some countries. Aunt Polly are you Qatari?


You really called the italian Embassy huh? 

Simpatico you are really great, you care about others problem as you care about your ONLINE store

you are great





No man is above the law and no man below it.


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Thank you smK1361 for your kind words. I actually was surprised to learn that Switzerland joined the Shenghen when I first heard of it. But I heard from someone in the Italian embassy. I would like to see a 'freer' world without nationality discrimination. Qatar's Online StoreShop online, same-day delivery to your door in Qatar!

I would like to visit Switzerland. My visa is delivered from German Embassy.... Can I enter Switzerland with this visa? I'm flying Doha to Zurich.

Someone told me that my first entry must be through Germany and then proceed to Switzerland.??. Pl advise...



Vijay, were you able to fly from Doha to Zurich, using the Schengen Visa issued by Germany ? Or did you get the visa from the embassy at Kuwait ?


i wanna get a visit to swiss,it comes under invited visitor,for this my swiss sponcer is ready to give the letter;wat are the procedures i wanna go forward to take ma visa,what are the ducuments i want to submit,and plz let me knw how should be the letter from my current Employer in qatar

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