By amulu2009

Dear friends,

My company terminated my services for redundancy with 1 month notice initially we signed a contract for 2 years but now terminating me within one year. My last working day was on 05.06.12 know my sponsor is requesting me to rejoin again for 1 month or more.

I am locally hired; now my career is on cross roads sponsor is not giving me noc threatening me that he will cancel my Rp and back home.

1. Can I get noc from my current employer as iam locally transferred my sponsorship? What qatar labour law & Human right commission states.

2. Qatar labour law on Termination and rejoining, after 1 month the company had to issue me again termination letter or the same letter is enough. if i don’t want to work after one month i had to submit my resignation with one month notice. ?

3. How to get NOC from my current employer amicably he is not agreeing to give noc.

All replies are highly appreciated

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By ALCAT• 5 years 9 months ago.
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Dear You are locally hired if you compete your one year with Current sponsor you can change visa by labour court

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