hi to all readers especially kabayan,

Im a Filipina kabayan and I want to get/purchase a Visit Visa there in Doha but I dont know any reliable travel agency who can help me issue a visit visa for me. I dont know Qatar yet I'v been to Dubai for almost 3 years. Im scared of those fake agents thats why I resort to ask in this Forum. I want to visit my brother in Qatar but unfortunately he is not able to sponsor me since his salary is not enough for the salary bracket requirement to sponsor a family member. Im previously working in Dubai but now I am in the Philippines and want to try my luck in Qatar as well.

Any suggestion for a list of reliable travel agency in Doha that issue visas will be highly appreciated especially from a concerned kabayan. Thank you and looking for your reply.

Comments r u? so u wanna try your luck in Qatar...besst of lucks. If ur bro is here as him to check with some reliable agencies like Cleopatra,Regency, fahad travels etc to apply for a visit visa for you, it is a quiet simple process.

how are u too? thanks much intimacy for an early reply. atleast i have an idea now. may i know where it is located so i can send my brother there.btw,im doing fine here.

agree with intimacy.... try cleopatra agency...

Regency Travels...

to land a job here, a piece of advise, you must have a long patience and a very longgggggggggggggggggggggggggg "tread". Good luck!

try..QATAR UNITED TRAVEL AGENCY located in al sadd,

+974-4368558,+974-4424022 look for mr.hafez or mr.anis

try with qatar airways / safe travels and tours & cago

44496666 ( qatar Air ways )

44415740 ( Safe trvals )

Dear Sir,

We are Manpower supply agency based in Lagos,Nigeria; we supply skilled and non-skilled workers for overseas country. Please let us know if you have any required position for Nigeria workers to work in Qatar,Dubia or other Arab countries.

Also,let me no the price for business,visa visa to Qatar

With best regards,

Adex Ibrahim

Phone no: +2348025615589

Mobile no: +2348034303348


You can apply for QATAR Tourist Visa from Cozmo Travel.

They are located near to Crazy signal in B-Ring Road, Doha.

Contact: 44073444

Email: info-qatar/-a-t-/

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