Travel Agency and the visit & business visa

I don't know if other expat will understand this story at all.  I'm just taking my chances some might be able to relate.


This is all about Fahd Travel Agency or sometimes they themselves a recruitment/placement agency visa business.  The first time I've heard this story, a new friend of course, I didn't believe her and even blamed her.  Until I've got to know more friends and telling the same story and I finally pity them.


I'm wondering if how powerful is the person behind this agency, with the sister company al deera.  They sell business and visit visa for QR3000 for three months and a 28 days visit visa renewable til the 3rd month QR1250, and the renewal after 28 days another QR1250.  When you exit they charge the client for around QR3500 for the roundtrip ticket to dubai or Bahrain and a show money at least QR5000.  I'm trying to calculate how much the visit visa is as well as the renewal, and for the exit how much is the roundtrip airfare and the visa.  Poor Filipino people who are trying their luck and promised for employment.  They are actually the unemployed in the Philippines or employed but underpay. They sell properties just come up with the required amount of money for the airfare & visa and reasonable qatari riyals for their existence in Qatar while jobless especially if they don't have relatives. They may have friends or relatives but can hardly help them to survive. If they end up jobless before the visa expire or renewed they will renew or exit, another money for fahd or aldeera.  In some cases, there are people stucked up in dubai & Bahrain airports, especially if the visa is not released and other sad stories of these victims. 


 According to them if you attempt to complain especially for the costly and price increase without any notice MARIA the counter staff will give these people a make face and will start nagging them and other verbal abuse.


I've heard that the immgiration is now randomly checking and are being strict on visas etc.. I hope they will spend time on checking Fahd & al deera how they operates and what these travel agencies are for.








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