UAE visa on arrival for GCC resident
Viva au Qatar
By Viva au Qatar • 5 years 9 months ago.

I intend to visit my family in Dubai by myself. I understand that residents of GCC country can get visa on arrival to any GCC country.

What I am not sure of and need to know is -
1. Female traveling alone - If I am traveling alone, do I need exit visa or sponsor letter or any such paperwork?
2. On Arrival visa for single female traveler from GCC - Will I get visa on arrival considering the fact that I have Qatar RP (GCC) and also keeping in mind that I am traveling by myself ?

Tried calling the UAE embassy here in Doha but well we all know how friendly some people can be especially in Govt

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By KHATTAK• 5 years 9 months ago.

If you are under sponsorship of your husband, you dont need an exit permit...if you are a working lady under sponsorship of a company, you'll need an exit permit to leave the country.

GCC residents having some specific professions mentioned on their Iqama (RP) are entitled to get a visa on arrival in UAE...e.g. Doctors, Engineers, Managers etc. If you are under the sponsorship of your husband then you'll have to apply for a visit visa in advance.