I was work at UAE till 2009 MAY month, and I lost my job there because of the crisis. My company not canceled my visa and I came to my home country. I had a credit card loan in UAE , I was paid that till I was in there and after lost my job I didn't pay that because I don’t have the money.

Thing is now I got a job offer from Qatar I heard first I have to cancel the UAE visa, without canceling i cannot get the Qatar working visa.
Still I have the UAE credit card but after May month I didn’t use those cards. Still those cards are active. i don't want to cheat.

I can send my passport to my UAE office. My problem is while do the cancellation will they can see my loan? Will they return my passport to my uae office? Problem is right now I don’t have money to pay. Anyway once I got money I will pay.

Please give me advice.

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