US embassy interview in Doha
By Tutor_ • 5 years 1 day ago.

I have an interview in US embassy in Doha next week , I submit an application for visit visa for my son for vacation with his relatives , can anybody advice what questions we will be asked during this interview? Tha

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By sweetjaney• 5 years 1 day ago.

they will ask different question to everyone..not the same ?. question base on yr application, age and purpose to usa..just go there and answer with honestly thats all. good luck.

By casey477• 5 years 1 day ago.

probably they will ask the following:

1. what is your purpose of visit in the US? if you will answer that you are going to visit a relative, be sure you know the complete address and his/her contact number.

2. how long are you planning to stay in the US?

are you planning to work or look for work while in the US?

3. be sure you have your latest bank statement to prove that you can finance your stay in the US especially if your purpose of visit is for tourism.

4. how long have you have been working in Qatar/present company, your position and your duties and responsibilities. (this question they asked from me since i am working with a US company).