Visa Cancellation

Anybody know the details about the visa cancelation. I came to qatar on Sep-2011. Now i have to cancel my visa and goback to india. But i want to know how many month to take coming back to Qatar. Anybody knew this details ples help urgently


Noramaly 6months

Firstly, you could not have COME to Qatar on Sep 2011 as it is still in the future. Secondly, after a 6 month visitor visa you have leave the country and can only apply for another visitor visa after 3 months.

Lol Back To The Future!

hi safari 911,

I came to Qatar on Sep-2010. But i ask the salary increment but the manager said NO. thatswhy i cancel my visa and Goback to India. I want details for howmany months take to come back to Qatar. because i have a another oppertunity here. so i want come here. so ples give me the details about this matter.

what's type of your visa? you said that you came to Qatar on Sep 2010, but u don't satisfied your salary so you cancellation your visa. for sure if will ban for 2 years.

I have the Work visa. Profession is Market manager. ples give the details to come back to Qatar quickly. I have a another chance to work in Qatar. if my company sponsor baned for 2 years means my new company sponsor possible to break my band.

Have you done medical,and CIED finger prints?

If you did and recieved the Stamp on your passport plus the ID card,you stand a very minimum chance of transfering your sponsorship,and you may have to go back for 2 years before you can work again in Qatar.

The only solution for you is to request secondom from your sponsor to work for alternative sponsor.

Two years Ban No Entry

ัำwork visa for sure it will be 2 years ban no excuse. if you want to come back early you NEED NOC from the previous sponsorship, no chance without NOC

What about that NOC

I have my old company letter head with stamp. I know the signature how my MD write. So if i cancel my visa and goback to India and come early. Is this possible? This enough to come back early without ban.

this is a criminal offence,beware,you may spend this two years ban in prison rather than back in INDIA,so be careful.

AND once you are released from prison,you will once agin be sent back to INDIA,this time for good.

be careful,you are about to commit afaudlent act.You will be banned for life.

thank you for your suggestion mr. hisham al Shareef

2 years after my sponser dont give my ticket.after i will go cid and go india. now i want to come back

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