visa status shown in MOI?

mga kababayan, thanks that i found this community that help our kababayan for the guidance for the processing things to be there in Qatar! i have some question to know with regards my status here as follows:

1. i have my visa from MOI website i need to know what it means its confusing is this visit or work visa?
Date of Issue: 2010-07-01
Entry Before : 2010-12-28
Description Of Visa Owner :Passport Holder
Visa Type :WORK VISA-One Vist
Purpose of Visa :VISIT
Duration of Residence: 5 year
Proffession : PROFESSIONAL

is this working visa? why is it purpose of visa is VISIT? the the duration of residence is 5 years? need some explanation for this?and 1 entry only? for 5 years i may not go home or go back then? and once im there what will the next process and what will be my status?

2. I am direct hired!what are things to do or requirements from immigration here in the Philippines for departure?

3. any suggestion that i may not go for POEA processing for this status?is this ok?

i will register then once i already sign my contract there as my employer told me that signing the contract will fallows once i'm there!this a problem in this case?

4. for the NBI clearance do i need to authenticate it from DFA here?

Please need some feedback that will help me regarding this matter!your answer will very appreciated and glad to know u as well... GOD BLESS You... hope to talk u asap...

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