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My brother in law was caught by CID and detained him in the Ministry along Salwa Road. His VISIT VISA (under my sponsorhip) expired on 14-May-2012 and the new sponsor was not able to process his WORK VISA. We went to the Ministry the other day and they told us to show them an air ticket for my brother in law to exit from Qatar. I arranged his ticket and visit visa to UAE because the PRO told me that my brother in law can exit anywhere just to leave Qatar. Is this right?

Next thing is can my brother in law come back here in Doha with a WORK VISA within a month after he exit?

Please advise.

Thanks & more power.


How long was he in Qatar after his visa expired?

yes brother he need to just exit from qatar no need to go his country n your brother in law can come back to qatar on work visa and i think there is no time limit to come back he can immidiate come back on his work visa no need to wait for 1 month

there are two choices

either he goes out of the country and waits for his work visa and re-enters without any issues.

Or CID will deport him and blacklist him from reentry into Qatar.

This is up to the authorities, and you have to consider the fact that it's almost 4 months on an expired VISA (Illegal in the country)


He can exit in any country as long he has visa and he can also comeback anytime here in qatar if the visa is ready.

My brother in law arrives in Doha last 15-Feb-2012 under my sponsorhip as visit visa. His visit visa expired on 14-May-2012 and the new sponsor where he's working on was not able to process his work visa. He was caught last 02-September 2012 by CID and 'till now still in the Jail until I will present an exit ticket.

Thank you friends for your response.

How about in my part as his sponsor during his visit visa, is there any offense for me against the Law?

Please advise.

Many Thanks & more power.

nope you dont have any shld talk to his company to pay his airfare going to another country not you. Its their mistake.

did they not make you pay the 200 daily penalty for an expired visit visa?

he can go to dubai as long he has visa for UAE and yes he can come on work visa depending on CID stamping "deported" on his passport.

may be you have to pay QR200/-per day from his visa expiry date) .if they charged penalty you are the responsible person to settle it, because now you are the legal sponsor.

if he send by the ceid 90% he can't come back, bcz he will be black listed.

The PRO of my brother in law told me that I dont have to pay anything. The PRO is the one talking to arabic officers in the Ministry. He just told me to arrange an exit ticket for my brother in law to get out from the jail and leave qatar. The PRO even told me that when my brother in law exit from Qatar, he will start to process his working visa in order for him to come back immediately after the approval if his working visa.

Do you have this kind of experience here in Qatar?

Thanks & more power.

he needs to go out from qatar for sure,bcoz they can not process the visa until he go out of the country(expired). are you sure there's no penalty for overstaying? Be careful there are companies who just make's false promises. they should have process the visa long time ago.

why that company delayed to issue a visa for ur brother?

Here the law is not allowing a person to work in a family visit visa or tourist visa. only business visit visa allows to work with the sponsor , but not allows to work in any other firm.

The company which offered job for ur brother in law, could have issued the visa even if the person is here bcz they need a no objection letter only (from you), no need to exit your brother in law.

According to the law, for over staying in visit visa they will charge QR200/-per per law Sponsor is the responsible person to settle the penalty.

If the CEID caught him at work place, the penalty is QR40,000/- (20,000/- to be paid by the sponsor & 20,000/- by the employer who gave the job.)

Hello friends. Just want to let you know that my brother in law have flown to UAE after 2 weeks of being detained from the CID without any penalties. CID allowed him to come back in Qatar with a Work visa to be provided by his employer. God is Good that he heared all our prayers and relieve us from worries and tensions.

Thank you friends for your shared ideas. God Bless us all....

sir can get your number

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