What is meant by transferable visa?
By prss • 6 years 1 week ago.

I am residing in Doha as a dependant (house wife) to my husband. I have a residence permit. Now when I tried to apply for a job, the employer is asking me whether my visa is transferable. What does that mean? Can somebody explain? Is there a process for the same? Do I have to do it or will my recruiting company do that?<

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By anonymous• 6 years 1 week ago.

Once you are under husbands sponsorship no need to change your visa to any company, only you give a no objection letter to the company and they can avail Labour card for you (if they want), but never change your family sponsorship to any company, if the company is bad or you have good offers in future you can move freely otherwise you will stuck with the company.

By gladston• 6 years 1 week ago.

You are under husband sponsership ,no need to change the visa.visa transfer applicable for only workvisa.

By BENNYJOY• 6 years 1 week ago.

transferable visa

A visa with an NOC where one can transfer from one company to another.

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By jpa• 6 years 1 week ago.

some companies require their new staff to change the sponsorship to them (regardless of company or family visa)because of the nature of their work. that is to protect that interest of the company. but before changing make sure that it is a good company.