what is NOC??

What is NOC??? And how will I get that???? From whom or what specific offices will I get that??? If this is the only way I can get back here and work.


non opjection certificate as i know

Non objction certifcte...if u like to change ur job to other companies they must need noc from ur present embloyer

Are you so dumb or pretending to be dumb......even person who has been in Qatar for a day knows what is NOC.....why are you acting so dumb.....but if you are ....my sympathies are with you

Indian is the smartest ass on the planet don't ask dumb question to those intelligent people ULOL!

It's not big to make others feel little. If you have nothing good say, don't say anything at all. Learn to be a bit humble. You may go further in life..

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