Work Visa for Pakistanis

Hi to all.

Is it true that there is a ban on issuance of WORK VISAs for Pakistanis.


If any body knows for sure then please tell. Please do not narrate the rumors or feelings as many will be dishearted and disappointed to hear that.





i am pakistan in Doha for almost 2 months waiting for my permanant residence....... don't know how long it will take....


in other words yets, very difficult for Pakistanis.... difficult to get visa for muslims in muslim countries.... by the way i am applying for a Sr. Finance Manager job

It has become difficult recently. I do not know the reasons.

i dont know whether this matters or not but i m a pakistani citizen but also a permenant resident of Canada, i just got a job in qatar and in 3 weeks time, i got my visa yesterday so i be flying to qatar probably this week, i hope this helps

HI Muker,

How are u? I am from India.. And jut read your mesasge that U got visa Yesterday... Congrats!

 I also have signed an offer letter on first  week of jan and sent scanned copies of my documents that Included medical certf., my degree, passport, and signed offer letter. Now I am waiting for visa since then .. company people saying that, even they are waiting for the same whenever I tried to contact them ..  so pls suggest what is happening with me? You got VISA after how many days? Your suggestions will be Higly appericiated..



muker probably has candian passport that's why it is easy for him.. i have green



I am also from India and reached Qatar on 14.01.I gone through medical and other formalities and finally got the visa after 10 days.I dont think there is any problem.I heard that last week there was some system failure in Emmigration Department in Qatar which led to huge backlogs.Dont worry,u will get it soon.

Arif, goot to hear this... i await my turn.... but I have full faith in ALLAH :)

hi chaudry_arif,

It is good to hear that you are also form India. Thanks for your time and suggestion.

Hi kbakhan,

You got the VISA?

No Dear,

 Still waiting, I am runing in to 8th week now.



Oh ok....

don what is happening there? Why they are taking so long? otherwise guys are frequently moving to qatar..


Have you contacted your company? If yes, what did they said?


wow, out of no where i just got my VISA today.


very happy.

I heard People are selling the Qatar Visa for QR 20,000 in Pakistan :(

can you PM me the details, intersted to know

Hey kbakhan,




don knw when my visa will come..




interesting topic. i really like to share my views with all of you. getting residence permit for pakistani are impossible now in Qatar. dont know why but its happening. we almost spend our whole life here but if we want to aplly res permit for any of our family member it is so difficult or u can say impossible.


my husband got many gud offers from many companies but they said sorry we dont have visa you have to arrange it :@

I have signed offer letter and mailed the documents on 7 of jan.  And I still to receive visa. I think it is too long.  How much I still have to wait?


Is there any chances in rejection of work visa?


I have never visited Doha earlier. My police record in my country is clean. Then what would be the problem?


Please suggest what to do? Your suggestions will be highly appericiated. Thanks

Hey kbakhan Congrat


When did you signed the offer with your bank ??

and how did they inform you , did they send the visa directly to your email or the bank called you or what ??

Hi Anewguy,


I signed up the offer letter on 31st dec 2007 and recieved the copy of visa in email.


They also called me on phone and informed me about it.






Hi kbakhan,




I have got news that my sponser got died.. that is why my visa is delaying...

Will I get visa or not ? What to do?


Please every one can suggest me wat to do? Thanks




I hope you may have got your visa by this time.If it is not,ask your company.I got the initial work visa of two months in India and last week i got my Permanent visa and Work Permit.It totally depends upon your sponsor.I am telling this because i have came accross this situation.I was to fly to UAE but i could not as i was not having Permanent work visa.When my Project Manager cane to know this,he bambooed PRO and Immigration Depptt of company and i finally got the Permanent Work Visa very next day.

If you didnt get it till now,you need to be some harsh with your sponsor.This will surely work.

Posting quite late but i manage to get my visa around april last year :) Allah ka shakur hai


Qatar since 1980 [my birth year]. I can say that since 2001 attacks, things got worst for Pakistanis especially along with few other nationalities.


Pakistanis with dual nationality can get visa here very easily but with our own NATIONAL PASSPORT it's a quite NIGHTMARE.


I cannot even bring my own brother in law in Qatar only because of MOL restrictions which i'm well aware of & this is very very sad for all Pakistanis.


Only on Diplomatic levels, it can be sort out but still it was done in the past but never effected our status in Qatar coz our politicians just filled their own pockets with money & support for their personal greed/need.


Guys you might know that few weeks back PM of Bangladesh went to SAUDI and asked for some lose VISA laws for her Nationals as 500k Bangalis are working in Saudia & guess what the govt of Saudia did ease Visa restrictions to Bangalis. Now they can easily change their sponsorship.


Only our Government/Embassy can make difference by really doing efforts on DIPLOMATIC LEVELS.


Everybody wishes they could go to heaven but no one wants to die.

with VISA problems must write letter to our EMBASSY so (may be) they might start thinking about it SERIOUSLY

which i really doubt it UNFORTUNATELY


Everybody wishes they could go to heaven but no one wants to die.

Well i had heard that there was a Ban... but now its now.. Infact my friend's cousin came to Qatar few days back from Pakistan on a work visa.. But he bought the visa which is worth QR 40,000/-

I also know one person who also got visa with that much amount.


Everybody wishes they could go to heaven but no one wants to die.

This is Crazy such an expensive amount for visa and that also labor type


you dont know the reasons? lool

tune to Geo News TV or whatever its called.

good things come to those who wait

Dear All,

Is the visa problem for Pakistani is still going on? I am a pakistani working in Dubai and got an offer from Qatar.


malikocp, listen to what remo sais.

first make sure your work visa is approved and issued, only after that inform your current employer in Dubai about your resignation.. not any earlier..

Hi Romo47,

Thanks for your reply. I did the same and my employer is also agreed. Now I am waiting for my visa and will resign from current company after getting it.

Do you have any idea how much time it will take for me to bring my family in Qatar once I am there.


Many many thanks,

I have one more confusion regarding visa. My employer told me that they have approved visa of Finance Manager and Later they wiLl convert it to IT Manager visa as it will take more time to convert visa at this stage. I believe it won't make any difference, kindly share your experience. Thanks

Hi Remo,

Yes I got my approved Visa of Finance Manager through email on 6th of July.

Now I have resigned from my current company and on notice period for one month. I am trying to reduce this period because my new employer want me to join earlier.

This type of situation is always difficult because current employer will not leave you before you complete notice period and future employer will always pressure you to join as soon as possible.


if any one knows any agent who deals visa for pakistanies so pm me please

No ,the actual condition is not this that pakistani visas block or something else but pakistani indian and irani visas are selling by authorities qp ras gas water electricity dept.and many companies hiring the employeees from pakistan.but it is luck that which one selected .So hope for the best.

Will be best.

this discussion has been going since past 4 years...

i am facing the same problem... can anyone guide me...

All Qatar GOVT oranizations like QP , QCHEM e.t.c having too much Paki work visas now and people are coming in strengths like 30 people together and recently its happened in Qatar Water / Electricity company and even all local companies are having the visas .... yes in othercase if you want to purchase by your own subsequently it will be costing you around 40K QR even now it is second highest cost visa of visa in Qatar, the first highest cost of visa is Irani Visa around 65K QR.

Take care buddies..... I am Pakistani as well working in Qatar since 2007... If you want even one visa go Doha Jadeed near Grand Mosque area whcih is called Pathan Area and ask with any Pathan .... he will arrange a visa for you .. may cost around 45K QR :) .... enjoy with this information hahahahhaha

Its difficult to get a visa for Pakistani and so is for indians, however its not impossible either. Usually it depends largely on the repute of the sponsoring company.

But its not impossible too. Recently, I have seen many more of Pakistanis around. I think recent visits of prime minister and president would have improved the situation.

if Pakistan could focus and improve on diplomatic relations, Qatar could offer great opportunities for many qualified and dedicated professionals of pakistan.

By the way total population share of pakistanis in Qatar is only 4% :)

can anyone tell what is the current situation of work visa for Palistanis.?

is there any way of arranging it?

Kindly help I am uk graduate and wants Career in Accountancy..

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