Visas and Permits

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Tourists from over 33 countries - including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Iceland - can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport.

Other nationalities needs to arrange this before hand, either through a travel agent, a hotel or even Qatar Airways.

For work permits and business visas, the local company usually arranges this.

Changes to visa regulations regularly occur on short notice, so look through recent posts in this section.

Make sure to also check with your airline and/or embassy for further information.

  1. Qatar visa for ukrainian citizen

    Does anybody know about situation with visas for ukrainian citizens? My husband got job offer from semi-government Qatar company and got work visa. We are ukrainian citizen. We tried to get tourist visa for me for first time, but could't do it.

  2. Work visas to indians

    My company is thinking to bring me on a business visa to Qatar and then applying for a work visa and RP later. Since am an Indian, are we getting work visas quickly for "computer engineer" professions now a days?

    Would appreciate your quick suggestions.

  3. ID Expired

    Hi Please advice me

    i just stopped working with my current company, my Id also expired since January 12th also company will provide the NOC for visa transfer.

  4. Medical for Visa in Qatar

    Hi - I'm a carrier of the Hep C antibody, but not the virus. I've had this since I was a child, my husband and children do not have the same. I'm about to be offrpered a corporate office job in Qatar with a large company. Am I going to be refused residency?

  5. Can anyone help regarding BAN in Qatar .

    I came back from Qatar on 25th June 2013 after my company did not renew my contract .

    Then I entered Qatar on 12 th July for three months with business visa and finally left Qatar on 5th of October 2013 .

    Can you please tell me when can I again come back to Qatar to work ?