Visas and Permits

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Tourists from over 33 countries - including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Iceland - can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport.

Other nationalities needs to arrange this before hand, either through a travel agent, a hotel or even Qatar Airways.

For work permits and business visas, the local company usually arranges this.

Changes to visa regulations regularly occur on short notice, so look through recent posts in this section.

Make sure to also check with your airline and/or embassy for further information.

  1. Secondment Letter/Authority letter from Old Sponsor

    What is the Process to Get 6 months letter from old sponsor please explain me the process , i have to go to my old sponsor directly and request to gave me a letter for six months to work with another company,i has been told by some 1 that first of all you have to search job and get offer letter t

  2. Return Permit

    Does anyone have any information about the subject above that If anyone delays a day or two/three days after expiry date of return permit , means still someone will be allowed to enter Qatar instead of having Valid RP.

  3. Visa suspended?

    Did Qatar stopped issuing entry visas to travelers coming from Africa(Ethiopia)? Is it just rumors or true? Does anyone know about this?