Visas and Permits

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Tourists from over 33 countries - including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Iceland - can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport.

Other nationalities needs to arrange this before hand, either through a travel agent, a hotel or even Qatar Airways.

For work permits and business visas, the local company usually arranges this.

Changes to visa regulations regularly occur on short notice, so look through recent posts in this section.

Make sure to also check with your airline and/or embassy for furtherĀ information.

  1. CIED Clearance

    I was hired by Q company and in process of transferring my sponsorship. I have already applied for CIED clearance they told to come again after week for the Status/result. Meantime Can I go for vacation to home country?
  2. Exit procedure

    Hi , My RP has expired as of 05 of decmeber 2014 and i do not plan on staying anymore in qatar. If i want to permanently exit qatar can i exit with my Visa status as EXPIRED ? or Do i have to renew my visa and then EXIT ( permanent exit).
  3. credit card balance

    If a person had a unpaid balance ( credit card ) in UAE , due to work termination and wish to work in Qatar. Will he facing a possible apprehension upon entry by tourist visa. Please advice.
  4. Indian Passport

    I lost my passport in Doha between 03/12/2014 - 04/12/2014. Below are my passport details. Z1765745 If found, please call me on 70047057 Thank you