Visas and Permits

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Tourists from over 33 countries - including the USA, Canada, Germany, and Iceland - can obtain a tourist visa upon arrival at the airport.

Other nationalities needs to arrange this before hand, either through a travel agent, a hotel or even Qatar Airways.

For work permits and business visas, the local company usually arranges this.

Changes to visa regulations regularly occur on short notice, so look through recent posts in this section.

Make sure to also check with your airline and/or embassy for further information.

  1. Number of days a visit visa is valid

    Hi there everyone, i've got a small question it's about visit visa validity my parents will be coming to qatar on a 1 month visit visa, they will enter the country on 30th December early morning, when have they got to leave before the visa is expir? it says 1 month but untill when can they stay?

    Dear all My wife under business visit visa, she want work , she got offer letter form company also but previous company is out of contact. we do not about that company any information, in this case what we have to do please suggest me. thank you
  3. reg my travel

    Hi, someone pls clarify my doubt.I will be traveling first to org has advised me to travel alone initially...then I can take my family after it possible to take my husband with me to travel with tourist visa initially.what will be procedure... Thanks, Nds
  4. Visit visa guide plsss

    Good Afternoon,

    I have series of questions regarding visa hope some body can help me out. I am on visit visa, This is my 5th month however i am pregnant also (4 month almost).we are planning to have delivery here now my questions are :


  5. visa transfer

    Im on a working visa for 10 months.. and i find a new job and new employer. My present sponsor give me NOC.. is it possible to TRANSFER to my New sponsor? I worry about this matter. Help pls