Dear costumer Please hold the line ...AARRGGH

Ok now i am getting sick of these lines!, it's happening since the month of Ramadan. I call 111 and try to talk with the customer service executive or whatever, but since the month of ramadan , i'm listening this.... DEAR CUSTOMER YOUR CALL WILL BE ATTENDED FOR QUALITY ASSURANCE, PLEASE HOLD THE LINE, YOUR CALL WILL BE TRANSFERRED TO THE NEXT AVAILABLE AGENT. Dayammm ... The whole phrase is in my mind all the time. You would be thinking why do i want to call Q-tel's BORING SERVICE ... just because of one kid, hardly 7 years of age. I gave him my cell-phone to play some games. He went in front of the TV n saw few adds, n subscribed to them through my mobile, n you know wa? ... everytime I recharge my phone, a message come n say THANK YOU FOR RENEWING YOUR SUBSCRIPTION AT AL-AFASY! ... now does any one have any idea how to unsubscribe this headache? I am fed up of listening that boring music! ..TAN TAN TUN TIN .. lol ... that's kinda wierd ... but i want to unsubscribe that thing, it's taking to much credit. Sometymes it sucks 15 QR n sometimes it sucks QR7... now please help me out...!!

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