Hi everyone... i was deported yesterday after 1 week of being in jail. its a very long story but to cut it short, my jealous co-worker sold me to the CID. I was a cross-dresser 5 years ago and i changed 2 years ago. so when i came in qatar last april 11 of this year i am a different person, not same as what i was back then. and i never slept with any qatari or any guy in qatar since i came although several tempting offers were made to me.
I was arrested by the CID bcoz they saw my pictures take 5 years ago being a crossdresser.
I have no complain about qatar and its people, as matter of fact qatar for me is my 2nd home, qatari are very respectful and very nice, even other nationalities. i have never felt so safe in my life till i come to qatar. trully i dont wanna leave the place.
so, i was deported and am now in philippines. my friend told me that i could actually appeal to the ministry to cancel my deportation records so i can come back to qatar. is it true? or is there anything i can do so i can come back to qatar?
am i banned to enter qatar forever? as in FOREVER?

please anyone who have any idea about the poitns i mentioned please let me know. thanks guys...

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