The gruesome experience a common person has to face in France embassy is beyond words, unless anybody goes and personally experiences it.
Starting from the main entry door outside everyone has to wait on the road in this scorching sun without a queue as the watchmen in the door allows 4 persons at a time randomly ,so all are pushing each other to get inside creating a chaos. As one enters the visa room which is very small and huge number of people enters again no queue just stamping and pushing each other its a horrible scenario. Couple of days back there was some bad feedback on Indian embassy though it must be definitely handling more 10 times this crowd .But other visa offices are not same eg. UK visa office is much more systematic ,with proper place to sit and everyone is called in order. In french embassy there is lot of favouritism which is clearly visible, OK fine now someone will say you are staying in there country so be with it.But i think each and every outsider has the ability to excel themselves so we are here and not paid to sit.
Secondly go all over the world favouritism is at a very lower level in big nations ,though they are filled with outsiders .
No one at the entry point checks for the document I feel one must really get in to feel the heat , at least some one from France see the overall operation is so horrible compared to all other embassy's.

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