Medical check up in Qatar

Friends I want to know what will check during the blood test in medical test for visa stamping process.I want to know wheteher they will check creatinine...?



hiv, hep b & c, TB, in some cases syphillis...ur xray should be clear of any scars.


Well, it depends on the job. The following are a must:

1. HIV 

2. PPD for TB

3. X-ray chest

4. Hepatitis B and C

5. Other tests are variable. Creatinine levels (generally speaking) should not be a concern in such investigations. 


Thanku firned for your valuable reply.....


Thanku friend for your valuable reply...


Thanku friend for your valuable reply...


Hi I came new to doha and I will bring my wife she will not work but she have Hep.B carrier only can she get ikama after on my ikama


What are the timings for the medical check up and are they carrying out the process tomorrow on 4th of September ? Are there any documents that I need to show while I do the tests ?
P.S. I am currently on a Family Visit visa for a month and want to extend it, that is why doing these tests

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