What is a good Salary and package?

Well it all depends on your particular situation

Here's a rough guide:

Single (no significant other or children)

  • 8,000-9,000 QAR Basic Salary
  • 6,500 QAR or Provided Accomodation
  • 1,500 QAR transportation (your package should include health care coverage, and furniture allowance (if applicable) and plane tickets home)

For a couple with no children or 1 small child:

  • 10,000 QAR basic salary
  • 6,500 QAR housing allowance
  • 1,500 QAR Transportation allowance
  • Your package should also include a furniture allowance, health and Medical Coverage, free tickets to your home country per year for at least yourself, spouse, and three children.
  • Also if your child is in school you will need a subsidy on their education.This will allow you to live in a modest 2-bdrm apartment with a decent lifestyle and allow you to save some money per month - that amount will be dependent on yourself.

If you want to live in a Villa

  • 15,000 QAR basic salary
  • 12,000 QAR housing allowance (at least)
  • 1,500 QAR transportation
  • All the above benefits. This should allow you to live very well and comfortably with money to save.

If you want the lavish lifestyle with a large posh villa

  • 30,000 QAR ++ Basic Salary
  • 25,000 QAR (minimum) housing allowance - often at this level housing is provided
  • 2,000-3,000 QAR transportation allowance
  • All the mentioned benefits plus fully subsidized education at some notable schools ie. Qatar Academy. Plus free private health care. And often benefits such as free utilities. 

Rents are always fluctuating so check the classifieds section and there you can view actual apartments for rent.


Recently I got an job opportunity in QATAR as a Sr.Software Developer.They asked me about my expected salary.My total experience is 4years and live in India but I don't know salary structure of Qatar.So please help me that, what would be the good salary package per month to lead my life lavishly
in single wut does it mean 6,500 QAR OR Provided Accomodation ??
in single wut does it mean 6,500 QAR OR Provided Accomodation ??
in single wut does it mean 6,500 QAR OR Provided Accomodation ??
Main expense in Qatar is accommodation rent. Furnished apartment of 2 rooms can start from 6500 QAR.

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