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Adventure Rooms was started in March 2012 as a high school project by Gabriel Palacios, a science teacher, in Bern, Switzerland. It is considered one of the pioneers of the new game concept and is one of the most famous escape games worldwide. Its main influences were adventure computer games from the 1990s, Hungarian escape games and scientific experiments.
In 2013, Adventure Rooms Company in Switzerland began working the agency system, and quickly spread around the world. In 2015, the number of Adventure Rooms branches increased to 58 branches in 28 countries, including: Bern, Switzerland (parent company), to Luzern Switzerland, Davos, Germany, Cologne, Munich, Vienna, Austria, Italy, Catania, on the island of Mallorca Spain, Ireland, Dublin, Cyprus, Athens, Greece, Russia, New Jersey, America, Kuwait, Canada, France, United Kingdom.
Adventure Rooms is an escape room game where a group of participants must solve series of puzzles and find the final key so they can get their freedom and escape the mysterious place before 60 minutes is up. This is accomplished by using logic, searching for clues and using unique items in the room to help you get through obstacles like locks and doors, etc. To solve the puzzles different talents are required. Everyone must work together and use their skills. Puzzles will enhance logic, critical thinking, time management, ability to work under pressure, communication and team work skills. Adventure Rooms is very thrilling, but not dangerous at all. It contains no horror elements, requires no physical exertion but only search for clues and codes by thinking outside the box.
It is noteworthy that Adventure Rooms branch in Qatar is the first franchise in the Arab countries. It contains five games, The Crazy Scientist, The Black Queen, The World Trip and The Prison Break and because of the high demand, we have developed recently our first mobile game, The Bus Hijack.
Adventure Rooms Qatar is gaining popularity to government and private institutions that send their employees for a unique team building activities, to most of the independent, international and private schools that send their students for an out of the class learning activity, as well as to public, from friends and families who look for fun activities and for places to organize occasions.
Adventure Rooms provides a dynamic team building activities. We deliver the perfect setting in a safe and fun environment for people to get together and compete. Fortunately, you don’t have to be Einstein or Michael Jordan to participate either, as all the activities are designed to ensure maximum participation and amusement by all!