big deception

By helmus

I want to share my story with Qnb procedure ,in fact I m Qnb costumer since 2014 and now I want to switch bank ,due to the recent severe rules which Qnb adopted for loan and top up.I can understand and they have there reasons. So my new bank transfer the loan amount to Qnb ,and without any previous notification they block the account for transfer process for 4 days now ,I mean all my money are in the account ,they should think that may be this costumer dont have cash , I have family ,wife and child ,how can they treat people like that and when you call costumer service ,everybody said same ,nothing to do ,you have to wait ,,excuse me and don't have money cash ,,I have family .....nothing to do you ,have to wait for five working day without counting Friday and Saturday. Imagine people that s the first time here that I need to borrow money from friends for basic life neccessity . You see people that legendary Qnb costumer service


big big  deception 

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By Lakshan SJ• 5 days 1 hour ago.
Lakshan SJ

QNB sucks, they took 200qr because i didnt use the account for a long time

By pioneerpec• 6 days 2 hours ago.

Every bank is same...there is block period so that you do zero that your account statement can be shared with new bank.

By Angelo• 6 days 18 hours ago.

QNB is not alone, HSBC the same.

Seems new Central Bank instructions due to the new exit rules.

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