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All Kind of Air condition Services

  • All Kind of Air condition Services
  • All Kind of Air condition Services


We are Qatar No-1 Air conditions Maintenance company, Having Experience for 30 years in all over the world and our experiences in Gulf is more than 15 years.We Do all kind of Air condition Servicing, Installation, Tune Up, Shifting, Channelling, etc. We provide our services in Private sector as well as in government sector in a regular basis.
During the year whether it is working or not, your air conditioning system accumulates dirt and dust making it less efficient and costing you additional money in utility bills. We have also discovered over the years that the many problems that arise when the days become warm could be avoided by simple preventative maintenance. Here is a list of the individual operations that we perform during an Air Conditioning Tune Up:

Check Evaporator Coil where accessible
Install anti-algae tabs in evaporator coil
Wash and clean outdoor unit
Check condenser fan blade for proper balance
Complete supply duct system inspection
Complete return duct system inspection
Test safety devices for proper operation
Water heater safety inspection
Water heater connection inspection
Dryer vent safety inspection
Inspect refrigerant line for cracks or leaks
Inspect electrical system for exposed wiring
Test blower motor amperage
Run test air conditioner
Monitor refrigerant operating pressures
Test contactors for pitting or burns
Test operating amperage of compressor
Test amperage of condensing fan motor
Calibrate thermostat for proper operation
Inspect starting components and switches
Remove and clean existing air filters
Inspect disconnect box for proper rating
Tighten all electrical connections
Provide instruction on maintenance

This service usually lasts between 60 and 90 minutes, which is well worth the time to avoid costly breakdowns during the hottest days of the year. Research has shown that preventative air conditioning maintenance can reduce equipment breakdowns by as much as 95% and lower utility bills by as much as 25%.

For most homeowners, spring is the ideal time to schedule an air conditioning tune up. During the cold winter months while your air conditioning unit is idle, the system may be a little rusty and have a few kinks or blockages. A comprehensive tune up service is the best way to eliminate any negative effects that the wet winter may have had on your air conditioning unit.