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Almuftah Trading and Contracting Company's Technical and Service Division was established simultaneously with our Electronics and Appliances Division in 1971 so that we can provide effective after-sales support for our clients. We have made it our commitment to protect the operating life cycle of our products to ensure the fulfilment of their long-term obligations towards consumers.


We rely on the expertise of our highly skilled engineers and technicians, who guarantee that our maintenance and repair services all adhere to strict quality standards. But Almfutah Group invests not just in excellent manpower but also in our material resources. Almuftah Technical and Service’s workshop and office, for instance, are located in an impressive 5000-square-metre facility along Airport Road in the outskirts of Doha. We also have a spare parts centre which houses thousands of spares and consumables, ensuring their availability in case they are needed for the repair or maintenance of our products. Furthermore, we have built business alliances with world-renowned technology leaders such as York, Filtrine, Sharp and many others to ensure that we can provide the best technical solutions to our valued customers.