Construction in DOHA




AMAJED Ventures is based in Doha, Qatar. We are Pioneers in Land Surveying, Excavation and Backfilling, Supply of Quality Construction Materials (especially High Quality Gabbro), Heavy Equipments/Construction Equipments Rental & Leasing/Contracting. The Company is managed by a team of young and highly trained, skilled professionals and guarantees utmost customer satisfaction.

AMAJED Ventures fosters an environment where ambitious, qualified and innovative talents work and collaborate with multiple years of tradition and quality as the foundation. With time, experience, professionalism and expertise we have evolved into a solid entrepreneurial reality in the panorama of Construction, Supply of Gabbro, Earth Moving machinery etc. for high quality product and service offerings. With utmost care and accuracy in our thought process and work-flow, we demonstrate high level of commitment and respect towards the customer.

We strive to increase our competency levels by building strong minds with an obsession to perfection and sensibilities. Nothing is impossible and we assure very high standards of delivery and performance. We offer our services with lots of dedication, conscious of providing something that makes our customers satisfied.