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Auto Z Rental & Leasing

  • Auto Z Rental & Leasing
  • Auto Z Rental & Leasing


Auto Z Rental & Leasing

As one of the leaders in the market we are dedicated to
providing fully serviced and robust vehicles in excellent
condition that support the transportation needs of our
customers. We are also dedicated to simplifying convoluted
contract details so that our customers can enjoy their rental
quickly and worry free. Our customers can delight in choosing
from more than +1500 vehicles to rent.


We offer a variety of vehicles – commercial, mini busses, SUV, sedan, hatchback and motorcycles.


  • We also have various rental options to suit the needs of your transportation:
  • -        Individual clients
  • -        Corporate/company renting
  • -        Daily rental  
  • -        Weekly rental
  • -        Monthly rental
  • -        Annual renting
  • -        24/7 airport pickup
  • -        Chauffer services


All our rentals include roadside assistance throughout the rental period. In case the vehicle needs repairing, we provide a temporary vehicle free of charge until the vehicle is fully repaired.


Additionally, Auto Z’s mobile application is one of our newest features which allows customers to lookup the details of their rental including:


  • -        Vehicle history
  • -        Kilometre record
  • -        Service record
  • -        Vehicle repair details
  • -        Location service option (we ce you for repairs!)