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The ultimate Jeep modification/service shop in Qatar!

Cool Wranglers is the Ultimate Jeep Service and Modification Center based in Doha, Qatar.

It is a shop which works only on Jeeps yet focuses on Wranglers when it comes to modifications and custom work, the shop have proven the skilled work provided at this facility through multiple projects which are posted on our Instagram (Coolwranglers) as a solid statement to the dimensions as to how far Coolwranglers can go with precision and perfection in the automotive industry;

However, the doors are only open for the Jeep/Dodge/Chrysler family.

Cool Wranglers offers a wide range of services and products as well as limitless imagination when it comes to custom work, check out our "Services" link for more details.

Our main focus and daily target is maintaining the 5 stars reputation we earned throughout the years one client at a time, whether you are here to service/repair/upgrade or customize your truck we are determined not to have the increased volume and demand affect our quality in the aforementioned while catering to you a fabulous experience through constantly improving our skills and tools working hand in hand for a professional service of which the industry have been longing for.