Buying a 4x4

By microstar

Hi, I'm buying a used 4x4 - I have a budget of QR60,000
Any general advice much appreciated. i.e. What would you go for? Things to look out for/be careful of?

Also I have some specific questions:

1)I've been warned off old cars because the heat kills the car in the summer - but how much does it really affect the car? For example, would a 2006 4x4 with avg mileage be a safe bet?

2)I've been looking at a Kia Sportage - but see so many warnings about non-japanese makes. Does anyone have experience of owning a kia? Are the parts/maintanance really that expensive?

Anyway thanks

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By anonymous• 5 years 11 months ago.

I'd go for a used Pajero, Nissan pathfinder. Might even look at a older Freelander - European cars are depreciation disasters, which makes them good used.

Check the used vehicle at the salwa road auto testing - a must. 4x4 are sometimes abused in the desert.

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