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muffler modify problem with police

By rylloyd

hi there, days ago police gave me a violation about my old plate number he told me, i need to change it in 2 days then report to traffic department after changing and also my muffler..is there any permit or is it legal to qatar to modify muffler of our car? because I bought my car 3months ago and i think the first owner change it, I just wondering if he change the muffler so how he get the estimatara if not allowed?

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By fan_ni_sarap• 5 years 2 weeks ago.
Rating: 5/5

go to bin mahmoud area. there are lots of shops there doing the mufflers

By rylloyd• 5 years 2 weeks ago.

thank u knor..but any garage to fix it only here in doha beacause industrial area to far to my place and work I dont have spare time,and if there is still open at nigt just to cut and weld..

By knor• 5 years 2 weeks ago.
Rating: 5/5

no such permit for muflers modification. you need to bring it back to the original set up.

maybe he changed it after the renewal.

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