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Professional car Air Conditioning repair shop in Doha needed

By bidawi

Very weak car AC, blower OK. I have had my car AC charged many times but I need an AC professional shop with mechanics who know what they are doing to fix it permanently. Because of principles, we will not consider the dealer's shop (scammers). Otherwise, the only option left is to get rid of the car. Big thank you for any help. We would really appreciate a recommendation.

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By kmahmood• 7 months 2 weeks ago.

Our shop and services is around more than 40 years in Qatar. Availability of the parts and services we offer are as follows.

•New compressors for all Japanese / American cars.

•used compressors for all Japanese / American cars.

•cooling coil (salaja) for all Japanese / American cars.

•dynamo for all Japanese / American cars

•car self for all Japanese / American cars.

•oil service

•mechinal services for all Japanese / American cars are available.

•Gas filling

•batteries ( we started getting new stock of batteries 80D and 55D)

We have 3 shops in different locations as near ezdan 4,barwavillage,Wakara which suites your need with easy access

Contact. 55101006

High Quality with reasonable price.

By ahmedlibra-87• 8 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

In Ibn Omran, there are the Best AC professionals.

when u r coming from TV roundabout side to the signals infront of the nissan showroom(petrol pump)..go straight from these light signals and then after a (big) mosque look on ur right side...u will find alot of garages till the next light signals....there r many ac professionals there..but very expensive as compared to Industrial Area.

Personally. I recommend u 2 goto Industrial Area...

u have 2 search garage anyone..and ur luck if u find a goodone...also they r cheaper then Ibn Omran

By Mohamed Riaz• 8 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 4/5
Mohamed Riaz

You didn't mention which area u leave, secundly you didn't write the car name, but I will give you address, Please go to Asmakh stree, shop is closed to Asmakh moske and Qatar General Insurance, he is Pakistani I will not give u his gurantee for his honisty, but he knows the works of car aircondition.

By anonymous• 8 years 11 months ago.

bIN mAHMOUD, sHOP NAME bilal air con. i JUST FIX MY CAR A/C A COUPLE OF DAYS AGO. they know how to repair ac. aNY cAR aNY mODEL aNY mAKE.. CHEERS..!

By anonymous• 8 years 11 months ago.
Rating: 5/5

Go to IBN OMRAN area, there is a small repair shop near JORDANIAN SCHOOL before AL-YARMOUK INDEPENDENT SCHOOL.

He is honest and know what he do, you can ask him about your car.

Best Regards,

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