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  • Novo Cinemas-The Pearl
  • Novo Cinemas-The Pearl


Upon entering, you are escorted by extremely welcoming staff to the lounge area which consists of beautifully marbled flooring and two comfortable looking (and very inviting) seating areas.

It is here, where you are offered a tray of their welcome signature fruit cocktail drink to get you settled in. Within this area there is also the snack counter which the usual movie theatre food and beverages can be purchased– however you are advised NOT to. Why? Well this all becomes apparent after a short while.

The 39-seater theater, offers the highest quality of leather recliner chairs in a 2-2-2 line formation (and a single row of nine at the very back), therefore making the initial notable observation of how ‘private’ the set-up is.

Your fellow cinema-goer next to you is at least 6feet away and the ones above you have a constricted view of your seating, as seats are somewhat enclosed.

The next key observation after privacy, is comfort.

As mentioned the theatre is decked out with recliners, which with a few clicks of the button, fully recline to that of a bed! Now, tell me, who does not LOVE to watch movies in bed? This is the experience that Novo 7-star offers.

No bed can be fully comfortable or cozy without pillows and blankets, and Novo seem to have the same mindset, as each recliner has its own prepacked thick blanket and satin covered neck pillow placed lovingly waiting for each guest.

Here may be a good time to insert a side note: You will be thankful for the warm thick blanket! As most know that movie theaters in the region tend to have a penchant for turning up the Air Conditioning volume; this blanket (or even a couple more) will do wonders to ward off this chill.

Aside from the seat controls, the other features in the recliner is what really takes the experience to another level.

Remember it was mentioned earlier, that upon arrival you are advised not to stand by the snacks counter and place an order? Well, the reason why is because each recliner seat has its very own touchscreen tablet which can be used to order all snacks directly from.


So, again, as you can see, comfort and convenience is very president in the whole experience.

The tablet allows you to browse through an extensive pictorial menu of food and beverages, and as you continue in browsing what’s on offer, you will for sure begin to realize that the selection is far different from the standard popcorn, nachos and hotdogs usually found at the regular counters.

You can enjoy your film whist dining on an array of meals, such as fresh salads, Arabic mezzes, sliders, pizzas and premium ice cream just to name a mere few! The cinema’s vast choice of food allows all taste buds to satiate their cravings.

And with such an amazing premium menu, it is only fitting that your food is served to you in premium chinaware, straight to the side table attached to your recliner. This whole process most certainly compliments, and reiterates Novo’s 7-star concept and standards.

In consideration of the quality of food and beverages (hot and cold) that are available, as well as the attention to the food presentation and delivery, the cost of refreshments within the 7-star experience is relatively reasonable and of good value.

Additionally, should you require service from any of the staff at any point during your movie, then the staff are just one push of a button away; in-seat tablets have a “call” feature to alert staff to particular seats/guest. Again, a great feature which provides the best in convenience and comfort to Novo’s 7-star experience customers.

The screen and sound quality during the movie experience itself, is of top quality and this one screen can play - on rotation, up to four different movie titles during the course of the day. So hopefully the 7-star experience can be enjoyed by a variety of audiences from differing genre tastes.

The 7-star Novo cinema offers you the very best in comfort, service, and luxury cinema experience, and as such you automatically expect the ticket fee to be higher than the standard. Therefore, even with the ticket priced at QR150, the screen is definitely worth trying out, so to experience the ultimate in film-watching luxury.

For listings of what is showing in the 7-star screen, you can visit Novo Cinemas

Bookings can be made online, over the phone or in person.