Marrath GIS Services In Qatar

  • Marrath GIS Services In Qatar
  • Marrath GIS Services In Qatar


Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Services in Qatar

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) captures, stores, analyzes, manages and presents data linked to location. We stays current with ArcMap (ESRI Software) suit of softwares and latest technology . This mapping software allows for dynamic interaction with remote sensing, land surveying, aerial photography, mathematics, photogrammetry, geography, and processing tools that can be implemented within the ArcGIS  environment.

  Services offered  for Authorities include:
  • CAD conversion - As built drawing to GIS
  • Creation/Maintenance of Geographic database
  • As Built drawing submission for Authorities clearance
  • Traffic Diversion Plan (TDP) development and Approvals
  • Data content enrichment/ Map conflation
  • Complete Handover documents submittals and approvals for authorities final payment
  • ​Data migration (ETL)
  • End-to-end Application development on Multiple GIS Platforms
  • Application Migration / Re-engineering / Maintenance / Support
By offering the utilization of GIS technology we open the doors to new deliverables, as well as aiding clients in productivity and record keeping. So whether you are interested in file conversion, interactive mapping or a mapbook application, Marrath has the tools and resources for all of your mapping needs.