iPod Touch 8 GB cost

By pinkberry

Hi all,
I am planning to buy an iPod touch.
Can anyone tell me the rate of an iPod touch 8 GB?
Could not find time to go around shopping malls to check rates.
Thanks in advance.

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By Mine Ko• 4 years 1 month ago.
Mine Ko

just call me now i have Ipod touch 4 4g my mobile No. 77642721

By pinkberry• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Thanks for the info.

By anonymous• 9 years 3 weeks ago.

Macky is right. Or you will get more discount if they have promotions.



By anonymous• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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The new (2nd generation) Apple iPod Touch 8GB costs somewhere between QR900 and QR1,000 only. The last time I checked, it costs exactly QR999 at both iSpot and Jarir, while it only costs QR919 at Lulu Center in Al Sadd.

I always canvass the latest gadgets and record them on my smartphone on an Excel sheet. Also want to have this new/latest generation iPod Touch.

Happy shopping!



Once you go Mac, you'll never go back!



By Saurabh7• 9 years 3 weeks ago.
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Qrs999 - Modern Home, Jarir Bookstore, iSpot Price

You could also call them up if you dont have time

Modern Home - 4422815

Jarir - 4440212 ( Extension 204 )

iSpot - 4115204

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