What is Carrefour/Lulu/FFC opening hours during Ramadan?

By justagirl

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By anonymous• 7 years 8 months ago.

For LULU - follow this link


By charline• 8 years 8 months ago.
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FFC (Nasser) from 8h30 to 17h00

and 19h00 to 1h00

from Saturday to Thursday (i did not checked for Friday)

By 1987• 8 years 8 months ago.

u an isolated man? No telephone facility around? or trapped some where

By atif242• 8 years 8 months ago.
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To be sure, you can ask them on phone or email!!!!


Why taking doubtful timings in QL !!!!

By arunkumarkb• 8 years 8 months ago.
Rating: 4/5

lulu 7.30 am -1am except frday 1030-1230 close

By infinitl2008• 8 years 8 months ago.
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To my best of knowledge

10:00 am - 2:00 pm

7:00 pm - 12:30 pm

is the standard opening hours in most places,

Some might vary...

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