Where is Rawnaq?

By baldrick2dogs

I live near Sana any branch nearby?

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By deedee• 9 years 1 week ago.
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Al Rawnaq

There are several branches around town.

1. Near Airport. Go past FFC and near to Hardee's it's on the right.

2. Across from Al Ahli Hospital behind the KFC.

3. Large one in the Souqs. Across from Souq Al Deira

4. Grand Hamad Street at B-ring road

By slman• 9 years 1 week ago.
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As i know there is one near the Air Port. close to the Mc Donals and the same side of it.

There ia a branch in Bin Omran. The popular under ground super market near the colour lights.

The Rameez near the Ramada signal also same type of shop with deferent name. so u can go to all these or the one u close to you.

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